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System with two accessories:

Calzo C-LEVEL Self-tapping: This part is placed under the tile, provided with two lateral wings that determine the thickness of the joint and male spigot for the coupling of the "self-extracting C-LEVEL thread"

C-LEVEL thread Self-extracting: With two flexible side flaps, which guarantee quick insertion and removal of the "self-tapping C-LEVEL shim", without screwing and unscrewing.


System with three accessories: 

This system allows to level the pavement avoiding differences of level in the joint and an equal pressure in all the pavement. The base of the spacer is placed under the tile supported on the wings of the spacer, this will give us the distance of the joint (1, 2 and 3mm). The wedge is then inserted into the hole in the spacer and the pliers are pressed until the two ceramic pieces are fully leveled. Once the grip material has hardened or set, we will break the spacer with a blow on one of the sides, recovering the wedge for other applications.